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Below are some frequently asked questions and answers. If you have a question that is not here, let us know.


         What is a solar cover?

A Solar Cover is placed on the water's surface of a pool, spa or hot tub and increases the water temperature by absorption and transmission of solar radiation; reduces evaporation and prevents wind-borne debris from entering the water. Solar Covers take advantage of the sun's FREE HEAT and is more cost effective and environmentally safe when compared to pool heaters. It will allow you to enjoy warmer water throughout your swimming pool season. Water temperatures may increase up to 10° to 15° and it will lengthen your swimming season.

What are the benefits of a solar cover?

  • A Solar Cover Cuts heating cost by gas and electric heaters by up to 70%.
  • Cuts water evaporation by up to 95%.
  • Save on chemicals and energy costs.
  • Keeps pool cleaner.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • A solar cover will hold the heat in the water at night, especially early and late in the season.


Why does my solar cover break down?

Pool chemistry is the most common cause of cover delamination and loss of bubble surface. Too much chlorine will break down the cover material quickly while exposed to the sun. When adding chemicals to your pool, be sure to remove the cover, and leave the cover off while the chemicals are being dispersed in your water. Always keep your chemicals in balance.

Install the cover on the pool bubble side down. If your cover needs trimming, spread it out on the pool and let it settle down for a day or two. This allows wrinkles and folds to disappear and the cover to lie flat. Trim the cover so the edges are flush with the side walls of your pool. Gaps will allow the heat to escape or the wind the get up underneath your cover and blow off. If you have a solar reel, attach it via a solar reel strap kit. Avoid placing your cover on your lawn when you remove it. The sun rays passing through the solar cover bubbles can damage your grass. Never drag your solar cover across sharp surfaces. This will tear and pop your cover.


How do I store my solar cover?

The cover should not be stored in an area where temperatures reach over 45degC. Extreme temperatures can expand the bubbles and cause delamination and blistering - weakening the cover. Before storing your cover, clean it and allow to dry thoroughly to prevent mildew. Place the cover in a clean, dry and rodent free area. To prolong the life of your cover, it should be removed during the winter months and a winter cover put on to keep your pool clean.


When will I recieve my Solar Cover?

We endeavour to supply your cover to you within 7-10 days. However there are occasions where there may be a slightly longer lead time on your cover for example due to your cover being a bespoke shape or non standard size. We will advise you of any variations in ead times at point of order.



How long will my cover take?

Hot tub covers are generally made to order and will take approximately 15-20 Working Days. We will advise you by e-mail the estimated delivery date. We will keep you informed if lead times exceed what we would generally anticipate. For an additional fee your order can be placed on a 7 Working Days rush order. If you require this please inform a sales team memeber when your place your order.

How to do I measure my cover?

Please see our diagrams on how to measure and what information we require on our cover order page. his should be self explanitory however if you require any futher information please contact us.

How do I know what thickness to choose?

We have three thickness options for you to choose from. The standard 4"-2" tapered cover, the 5"-3" Premium Cover and the 6"-4" Supreme cover. The most popular is the 5"-3". However if your spa is located in an exposed position we would recomend upgrading to the thickest cover option to ensure the best insulation. We would normally only recommend the standard 4"-2" cover if your Hot Tub is situated indoors or in a very sheltered spot - for the little extra you spend on a thicker cover, you will save this in running and heating costs on your tub.

What is a Double Wrapped Core?

All of our covers are wrapped in a 5 mil thick tri-extruded plastic wrap to prevent moisture from reaching the foam core. A double wrapped core is exactly as the name suggests and we add another layer around the foam core for extra protection.

What is a Continuous Heat Seal?

A continuous heat seal is a padded baffle that runs continuously along the fold seam preventing any heat loss along this fold line. The covers as standard have two padded baffles at each end of the cover but not along the fold seam. 

Do you remove my old cover if I need this?

Yes we provide this service for a fee of £39.99. If you wish to take us up on this service please ask the sales team when you are making your purchase of your new cover.


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