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6mm Foam Heat Retention Cover (unhemmed)
Our 6mm Heat Retention Covers are made from heavy duty closed cell polyethylene foam (460gm2)whic..
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Heat Retention

Our 6mm Heat Retention Covers are made from heavy duty closed cell polyethylene foam (460gm2)which makes them particularly suitable for use on school or commercial pools and spas, giving large savings on fuel bills due to the reduction in heat loss from the surface of the pool. Heat Retention covers are now an essential item of pools equipment, not only for their excellent heat retention qualities (saving up to 85%-90% of total heat loss) but also for reducing chemical evaporation and condensation.  The density of the material helps keep light penetration to a minimum and therefore reduces algae growth in swimming pools.

Our 6mm Covers are supplied heat welded on the top and bottom on all seams and can be finished with a tough PVC hem at an additional cost.  These come with a 4 year Pro-Rata Warranty.
Please Note: These covers should not be used above 30oC.

Our 12mm Heat Retention Covers are ideal for hot tubs running at a temp up to 40oC.  Double layered blue textured foam with a clear foil laminate to the top and bottom surfaces.  This product comes with a 1 year warranty.  Can be purchased in 7' and 8' square and then cut to size.  To purchase a 12mm please visit HOT TUB FLOATING COVERS.

Covers are made approximately 10mm smaller than the pool. During the manufacture the heat welding process may cause slight reversion. This is acceptable throughout the swimming pool industry and will not detract from the life expectancy or performance of the cover. Due to the nature of the material, manufacturing creases may occur.

Packing folds may also cause creases: to try and avoid this, our policy is to roll covers like a carpet for transport purposes.

***Free Delivery with all Swimming Pool Heat Retention Covers***

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