400 Blue SUNCAP Solar Pool Cover

400 Blue SUNCAP Solar Pool Cover

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A key feature of Suncap is the bubble shape and size. The reduced height but greater diameter of the larger than standard bubbles make this material more effective as an insulator because the greater air space in the bubble lets less heat out of the pool which means that the water stays warmer for longer.

Further, the use of pale, translucent colours allows maximum penetration of short wavelength solar energy - this energy radiates within the pool at longer wavelengths; the larger surface area of the bubble is more effective at trapping these waves within the pool, potentially increasing a pools temperature by up to 8 deg C.

The wider base of each bubble also means the cover provides better wind resistance. It is less likely to be scooped from a pool surface by winds.

This product comes with a 5 Year Pro-Rata Warranty.

A solar pool cover when placed on the water's surface of a pool, spa or hot tub, increases the water temperature by absorption and transmission of solar radiation; significantly reduces evaporation and prevents debris from entering the water. 

There are a number of options when ordering a solar cover, please contact us for more information and prices on selvage edges, factory fitted tow kits and shaping to accomodate all different shaped swimming pools and roman ends.

If you require a different sized cover to the sizes we have listed or if your solar cover requires shaping, please send us your requirements using our rapid response email (admin@spasave.com) and we will respond quickly with a quote.

Free Delivery on all solar covers over £150*

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